5 Inbound marketing benefits for the B2B field

What type of content have you engaged with the most in the last few weeks? Most likely it would be video content. This type of content is by far getting consumed the most across the world. On our social media we talked about an internet minute in 2019 we mentioned that every minute online there are 4.5million videos viewed. This is on YouTube alone and below we will outline 5 inbound marketing benefits fr the B2B field. 

Video content is getting a lot of engagement. This means that for a business, it is important to start looking into video as a serious marketing tool. Users engage with it, a lot. Marketing has evolved and so have your prospects and leads. 

Video can be great for inbound, but it must be done right.As with any marketing tool, the way that you present the content to your audience is very important. Below there are five benefits for using video, with tips on how to do it right. 

Convenience – reach your customers where they are. Don’t chase them 

What is better than reaching your audience where they already are. Talking to customers where they are is not only going to increase the likelihood of your video being watched. The other benefit is that video is a very convenient way to consume content. 

It doesn’t take an expert marketer to know that most people visit websites on their phones. People scroll through the feed on a regular basis, on many different social media sites. By creating a good short video, you will have an increased likelihood of getting a viewer. 

Prospects now prefer to learn about a product via video more so than via text. It is a way to see the product in action, and it doesn’t require reading. These numbers speak for themselves. 

Video is more individual, you can stand out from the crowd 

Written content will often look the same. This blog, while providing outstanding value, doesn’t stand out as much as our video content does. Because video has many more personalisation options. Especially in the B2B market where products usually aren’t that interesting. 

And even more importantly, it doesn’t have to strain the budget. In a market where video marketing is still in development and becoming more common, starting with a good video marketing strategy makes it possible to start marketing on a budget. 

One easy way to start is to make the people that produce your product talk about it. By providing expert insight, combined with tips and tricks, you can start off making helpful video content quickly. 

Don’t set and forget, communication works both ways 

If your expert(s) are comfortable speaking in front of a live audience. Live streaming is engaging, interesting and entertaining. It is also unique.  Even if you talk about the same topic, not one live stream is going to be the same.  

Live streaming is a great way to build trust with your audience. Having experts answer questions in a QA format is great. It stops you from having to spend time and money to travel to a location. You can answer many people’s questions at the same time. Live streams also get watched for a longer period than pre-recorded videos. 

Educate your audience 

A live stream is the perfect time to educate your audience on complex issues and provide them with helpful and great content. By educating your audience you are providing genuine value. 

Video content in general is a great way to break down complex concepts. You can use language that your audience typically should understand and use video as a backup to explain concepts. 

If you want to discuss your core offering, don’t use a pre-recorded video but do live streaming. This allows you to interact with your audience and answer questions in real time. 

Webinars are a great fit for the B2B sector. The average time people watch a webinar is 57 minutes. This is a great amount of time to get across your value proposition and educate your audience. B2B brands need to build a strong reputation and sharing industry knowledge is a great way to do this. 

Lead nurturing – video and marketing automation make people feel special 

A great video can be a huge part of the lead nurturing process. Sending the right videos in a timely manner with marketing automation can provide great benefit.  

Behind-the-scenes videos, explainer videos, short video instructions. The options are endless, and they all add character and interest to email communications. 

Video marketing is here to stay, embrace the future and start recording videos today! You don’t need a Canon or Kodak camera to have success in the field. Just make sure that you try to record professionally and make a great script. 

Webinars can even be done on a webcam, no need to invest a lot of money, just focus on the content.