5 internet of things IOT predictions going into 2019

IoT is a major trending topic currently and has had a seat at the front for most of 2018. But what does its future look like? In our blog post The Future of The Internet of Things we mentioned the impact IoT was predicted to have by 2025. For example, we mentioned the fact that there would be more connected devices than people in the world by 2025. But just around the corner is 2019 already. We are just months away from a new year and what is to come for the technology superstar that is IoT?

Here are 5 predictions for IoT in 2019:

1. Even More Connected Devices:

2019 is going to see even more devices being connected to the internet. With Google Homes and Alexa’s in so many households and business these days, we are growing more and more accustomed to the IoT world with every passing day. The world is ready for more devices to be connected. We control our lights, our locks and a lot of our day with IoT devices and are ready for an even more convenient and connected society.

2. Every Business Will Need It

Businesses that currently are equipped with IoT are already ahead of the game. In the near future, as early as 2019, not having IoT within a business could mean falling behind. This is why it is so necessary to make sure IoT is in full force in businesses by the end of 2018. They need to be ready to compete onward into the coming years as technological advances are beginning to skyrocket.

3. Smart Areas Will Start to Emerge

While 2019 is not going to deliver the much awaited smart cities completely, the introduction of smart areas and neighbourhoods are definitely on the cards. With more of these areas being introduced, slowly but surely smart cities will become more of a realistic concept. With energy efficient communities and better-connected homes, these areas present new and very real exciting opportunities for cities around the world.

4. Growth Across the Board

Because IoT is expanding so quickly. With devices connected to the internet already catching up to people around the world, the already congested world of internet access will need to advance to keep up with this massive growth. 5G connectivity needs to become a reality to develop a new line of connection in order to manage the massive wave of internet connected devices around the world.

5. Increased Security

With increased IoT devices, people and businesses are open to more attacks by hackers and security breaches. To protect as many people as possible, security at endpoints has to improve in order for IoT to flourish as it develops. These devices can leave people open to serious risk of data loss, stolen information or security breaches. Endpoint security solutions will be more readily provided by companies such as Cisco and Dell to combat and decrease security risks associated with IoT. Data from IoT connected devices will also need to be stored much closer to the source to decrease the chance of stolen data from businesses.

IoT is quickly transforming society worldwide. It has a lot of positives and negatives, but however, you look at IoT it is advancing every day and is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives in so many different ways.