Creating Kora Naughton’s ‘Film Noir’ Inspired Music Video

Working with Kora Naughton again on her newest music video was a dream come true for DigiKat. We were so excited to help create, film and edit the video for her new song ‘Ravenswood Lane’. Luke Oldknow, from our team, was the creative director for her first ever music video for her song ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’. You can learn more about this experience here. This time we went for something edgier and mature, drawing inspiration from Hitchcock films and other old murder mystery style black and white films.

Kora Naughton is from Albion Park, south of Sydney NSW. She is an up and coming country music star and recently came to us with her new album asking for input on what would be a good choice for a film clip. Luke chose two songs from the album and went back to Kora for her to have the final decision. Collectively ‘Ravenswood Lane’ was chosen, which was an awesome result as Luke had come up with an incredible idea for that particular song.

At the start though, Kora Naughton wasn’t entirely with Luke on the concept, even after seeing the script, but allowed him creative freedom to really get the idea together and show her a mock up scenario of the idea in order to really sell it to her. She decided to trust us and gave Luke the creative freedom to really bring the whole idea together. Spoiler: Kora loved the final product.

Filmed over two days, the music video was shot locally in Tamworth NSW and Manilla NSW. It incorporated locations like the Tamworth train station and the Manilla Royal Hotel. Cars were donated by locals and we used actors and costumes from the Tamworth Musical Society (a huge thank you to our wardrobe consultant, Natalie Creighton!). Emily Ball, a local makeup artist also did all of the makeup, including amazing special effects like bullet wounds! The local interest and inclusion was very encouraging in the creation of this video and made it that much more special both for Kora Naughton and DigiKat.