How to Make Your Instagram So Impressive

Although Instagram was primarily launched as a social networking platform, it is now used worldwide as a tool to promote many businesses. With the correct use and optimisation, Instagram can be placed among the most effective marketing tools for your business. However, maintaining an odd looking, lifeless Instagram account will not make much difference; you need to have a ‘wow piece’. Following is a list of effective ways to make your Instagram account so impressive:  

You Should Use HQ Images  

A picture speaks one thousand words. In your Instagram account, you must use nothing but the HQ, high resolution (Hi-res) images if you wish to impress your followers. Such images are capable of maximizing attention from potential buyers. If you sell a location-specific product or a service, it is always good to use a relevant image. For instance, if you run a tourism-related business in Gunnedah NSW, you may use an image of a local attraction such as a national park. The key is, however, to use an image with Hi-res.  

Facilitate Customers an Easy Purchasing Option  

Those who follow a business’s Instagram account, intend to purchase the products displayed in most of the cases. To capitalise this opportunity, you must facilitate your followers with a link to your website, probably directed to the “buy now” section. With such approach, your followers will find it easy to purchase the attractive item they happened to see within the Instagram account. Eventually, they will appreciate the user-friendliness of your approach.  

Instagram is Not the Place for Hard Selling 

Although your final intention is to sell your product or service, it is always better to stay away from hard selling. Make sure that the photos you use represent a story and create an encouragement for viewers. The customers should be convinced by themselves via curiosity. Such subtle selling approach may encourage customers to share your photos voluntarily on various social platforms.

Build a Relationship 

It is true that your prime intention is to sell a product or a service via you Instagram account. However, that doesn’t mean that your Instagram account should consist of product-related images only. Post something interesting, so that the followers will start to consider it as a community. They will refer your social account to many other people; which is free publicity for your business.

Use Instagram Direct Smartly  

Using Instagram’s direct feature, you will be able to send private messages to a distinguished member. Instagram also allows you to create small groups which provide a great opportunity for you to promote a certain product to a selected segment privately. Use this in a clever way and gain more insight into what clients and potential customers want and need to help build your business and use Instagram effectively.  

Facilitate Followers to Take Part in Contests  

Implementing timely contests via your Instagram will help to popularize it. Followers like to take part in such events as they like interaction, dynamism and competitiveness. Arrange some giveaways (such as discounts) for the winners. After all, it is all about grabbing more attention for your Instagram account.