How to use webinars to show transparancy

Webinars are like going back to school. You have the vibe of sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher. The best teachers were the ones that knew what they are talking about, are engaging and seem very genuine. Bad teachers are nervous, have a vibe they don’t really know what they are talking about and are boring. 

The same can be said for webinars. A good webinar has a presenter that is like a good teacher. A bad webinar is similar to having a bad teacher. They make you feel disengaged and you want to leave the classroom. 

If users consider you a bad teacher they will leave, and most likely will not want to do business with you. Or use you as a source of information. Just like a classroom has students from different backgrounds, so does your webinar. You might have influencers, marketers, prospects, existing clients and maybe even competitors watching your webinars. 

You, of course, don’t want to lose business, so you want to be like a good teacher. This will make sure that your webinar viewers are paying attention and are believing you are authentic and genuine. So how can you make this happen?

Here are some tips and tricks. 

  • Be confident – just like anywhere in life. You need to be confident to be able to convince people you know what you are talking about. Even someone who is an expert in a field, still needs confidence to convince their listeners they really are experts. 
  • Follow the classroom rules – if you don’t behave like a good teacher, and have the ability to interact and engage with your “students” their experience will be less than ideal. 
  • If you throw out stats, back the stats up with the research that shows these stats work 
  • Make sure people understand that your opinion is worth listening to, and is valid Be genuine – people can see if you are being ingenuine and are not being truthful to yourself, and to the webinar audience. They need to build a relationship with you to want to stick around for the entire webinar 
  • Be transparent – tease the value of the webinar, the reason people want to stick around, as early as possible. This way, even when the webinar starts, the listeners will realise what the value is and remember why they signed up. 

Remember that the line between manipulating the viewers and being helpful. If you are just hosting webinars to sell your product to people, without informing them of this, then that is a problem.  

Start the webinar in a good way. Break the ice with a joke, be genuine and open and use good lead generation techniques. Hold polls during the webinar, answer questions and engage with the audience. 

A good webinar is a great lead generation tool. But, don’t make it a sales pitch, keep it easy to understand and make it engaging. That’s all that is required. 

If you already host webinars, let us know if we missed any tips and tricks in the comments below. You can do this on social media or in the comment section below!