Kora Naughton’s new video

Facebook is a powerful tool.

Kora Naughton is a 16-year-old country music singer/ songwriter from Albion Park NSW. She has always had the same dream, to sing, though she wasn’t always keen on country music in particular which is how she actually got into the music industry. It’s a competitive world out there for any singer. You need to be sure to use the right tools around you to get yourself out there and get the views, clicks and likes you need to have your name (and more specifically your voice) heard.

Social networking sites like Facebook can provide so much potential assistance for individuals or businesses to build their brand. Advertising on Facebook is so easy and so helpful to any business (to read how to advertise on Facebook and why it is so important, click our link down below called ‘Facebook Advertising’). It’s important to use what you have access too, especially these days where so many opportunities to self-advertise and use free platforms to get yourself well known are right at your fingertips.

As we are located in Tamworth, the country music capital we are a match made in heaven with Kora. And knowing she was to be coming to Tamworth for the festival was exciting for us as a business. With the skills of our team, we were able to work with Kora to get her name out there. The amazing thing about the success that we have had so far is it was all made with a simple video posted on Facebook.

A member of our team, Luke Oldknow, filmed her music video song ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ (available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play) for Kora and edited it to make it ready for views. On January 5th, Kora released the video to Facebook and together we pushed the video out into the world of Facebook and helped her hit a massive number of views.

Kora did not use a website or any other platform to reach her audience to advertise her latest music video release, she simply posted her video to Facebook and with the help of our team here at DigiKat we were able to help boost her views and just through Facebook she managed to get 40k views! That’s a massive feat as her page at that time did not have that many likes.

This exposure has lifted her likes to nearly 1,000 and has meant that so many more people now know about her music and new music video. We worked with Kora to help her reach a larger audience and to help her understand the significance of using clever techniques to advertise over social media. It’s so important to use what is around you

Kora’s story is one that is such a clear representation of the power of Facebook to advertise your brand. Kora’s music is her brand, she is working at making it her career and with the help of DigiKat, we hope she thrives and has so many future successes as she already has had in her young life.

Find Kora facebook.com/koranaughtonmusic

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