Managed Tamworth IT Solutions

IT. Information technology. We are the IT specialist- DigiKat | Digital Marketing & IT Business Solutions. You’d want to hope we know what It is. Let us be your Tamworth IT specialists.

A lot of people probably think they know what IT solutions are and probably consider it to mean a bit of help with a computer here and a touch of assistance when data is lost there. And IT can be just that of course.   But managed IT, that’s a whole new ballpark. This lets IT companies (like us) take full control of all IT related aspects of your business to prevent any issues from occurring and providing the quickest possible fix for any problems that do slip between the cracks.

These services allow for constant monitoring of all your business’ equipment and can prevent data loss and damage to any technology your business is using.

DigiKat Can provide Managed IT solutions such as:

  • Hardware support
  • Networking and Wireless
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

While other companies in our area provide some level of managed IT services, DigiKat is currently the only Tamworth IT business providing the full service. Our staff is well equipped to deal with a number of clients at one time. We are always ready to help when needed, providing 24-hour assistance. You can consult with us about our services and we can work out the best plan for you.

Outsourcing your IT services is crucial to success. It means you get to focus on your actual work, not whether or not your hardware and software is working at its maximum ability at all times. It also can be hard to know everything you can do to protect yourself without the proper understanding or experience. Let us do it for you.   Call us at DigiKat to discuss our plans for Managed IT Solutions for your business.