Rural internet in Australia

Rural areas of Australia have not always had the same luxuries as other areas have when it comes to the Internet. It was always going to take a lot longer to extend the internet into these remote areas because of how sensitive installing internet into rural homes can be. And with how far away some areas are from main Internet sources it has taken this long for modern technology to provide these rural residents internet solution. The goal of R1100 for us here at DigiKat is to provide better access to Internet for rural areas.

Do you live in a remote area? As you may know, here at DigiKat we are located in Tamworth so we are surrounded by kilometres of rural and farming areas. We know your internet pain. Either you have no real internet connection or you do and its about as fast dial-up (not always the case, of course, we are generalising here). In today’s world, a lack of internet connection is not only inconvenient but can be detrimental especially for business owners.

It is a common misconception that internet connections are only accessible in metro areas. Most thought that the cables were physically unable to reach rural and remote areas. That is, in fact, not accurate. Internet cables can be installed in rural areas. As long as the service connection is available where the internet infrastructure needs to be installed it is easily done.

With the R1100 Outdoor 4G unit, rural areas will now have access to the internet. The connection can be made through mobile carriers such as Telstra or Optus. This connection will be like none before it. Goodbye to the slow connection, dial-up connectivity etc. The R1100 system works well because mobile connection can be found in almost all areas of Australia. Even the most remote have some kind of mobile connection available. This limits the chances of a bad connection or no connection able to be made at all.

R1100 provides internet for rural areas:

  • Remote Communications
  • Farm Wifi
  • Farm CCTV

R1100 provides farms with wifi and with remote access to CCTV systems (as an expansion of the original package). It can assist with both internet connection and with security system access. It can help provide extra care for your farm as a business. This allows you to monitor all aspects of your farm and areas that once could not be seen unless physically going to check them (a job that can get quite frustrating on larger properties).

The R1100 is easy to install. It can be installed on pre-existing infrastructure, making the process simple. The Ethernet cable provides power to the actual unit and data to connected devices.

To find out more about R1100 and getting internet access in your rural area, please call on (02)6762 3457. We will provide internet for rural areas.