Video production for your campaigns | Tamworth and Newcastle

Our marketing experts and skilled camera operators can help you to plan, record and release online video campaigns that grow your business in Tamworth and Newcastle. Video production is quickly becoming an integral part of how businesses communicate and engage with their customers. Video is already consuming the lion’s share of internet traffic, and it’s only set to grow. This makes video production no longer a luxury, but a mandatory marketing tool for any business.

Video production Tamworth

At DigiKat Marketing we love working with video in our dedicated video production suite.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are quickly becoming the main form of online communication for businesses. There are so many different ways to use video; for training, capturing customer testimonials as well as producing promotional, product and event videos. Video empowers your brand to help it become the #1 authoritative figure in your industry. Corporate videos drive traffic to your website and help convert visitors into paying customers. Any type of corporate video not only makes you look good, but they also get results. The increasing rate in which video production is being adopted by Tamworth and Newcastle businesses, is making corporate video no longer a luxury, but a mandatory marketing tool for any business.

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Why video?

The huge number of mobile phone and tablet users who watching and sharing video online is impossible to ignore.

We can help you with your video campaign.

16 million Australians

Over 16 million Australians use social media on their mobile devices; 70% watch video and 37% purchase online using their mobile devices.

74% share video

Facebook video is shared 12 times more than links and text combined and 74% of consumers share video from brands on social media.

Post production suite

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Our team has worked across all kinds of crew and shooting environments.

We work with you through scripting, planning and shooting to create quality, engaging video content; no matter the scale of the production.

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Video FX

We love video and can help your next video campaign to be a success.

Our post production studio, deep understanding of cinematography and expertise are all lined up and ready to go.

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We are passionate about our craft, our post production suite and our client’s projects.

We offer a complete production service. Our editing services include 4K workflows, colour grading and delivery in any format.

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Live streaming is a great way to interact with your audience in real-time.

Answer questions, listen, learn and gauge live reactions. We supply live streaming solutions Australia wide, and can tailor or package to your event size.