Tamworth & Newcastle Web Design

Customer-Generation Websites That Clarify Your Message & Boost Revenue

Customer-generation websites that clarify your message & boost revenue. We’ll create the website that builds the business you want. If your business counts on a steady stream of leads, consultations or bookings, your web presence can (and should) deliver them. DigiKat Marketing is Tamworth & Newcastle’s is a customer experience first design agency.

More thought less speed

While we work quickly, we are not interested in just throwing something together. We take time to understand your business, and your buyer personas, and build your website to generate leads, sales and success.

Lead Generation

We help service-based businesses attract new customers, clients & leads — with strategically designed websites that act as your greatest salesperson.

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Why us?

We build websites that provide high quality content to drive business growth, and are also easy to maintain after the developers and designers have all gone home.

Drive business growth

We can help to make publishing your story through high quality content a simple task.

Automate leads

We can show you how to appeal to your audiences and use content automation to delight leads and clients.