Business Growth and Automation – Case Study

Single Builders Tamworth


 Single Builders’ history dates back more than 30 years, when Mark Single and his wife Loanna started a small building business from their home office. Since then, the couple have raised a family, and at the same time, turned their small business into Tamworth’s most trusted building company. Joined by their sons, Justin and Grant, Single Builders is a team of licensed builders based in Tamworth.

Single Builders specialises in the following services:

  • Custom New Home Builds
  • House & Land Packages
  • Land Sales
  • Commercial Projects

The Challenge

When Single Builders first approached Digikat Marketing, they were using Outlook as their CRM. So, they were using their emails and marking them as unread so that they would remember to follow them up later.

They had no CRM system in place, no real sales process, no marketing process, no social media strategy, no video content, no actual content at all.

The Solution

The team at DigiKat Marketing implemented HubSpot as Single Builders new CRM, along with a marketing and sales automation system, social media management platform and a state of the art visitor tracking system. We put together a package that has made them more money, saved them time, and made their sales team work smarter, not harder. It also allows their sales team to follow up with new leads faster and easier.

Services Provided

  •  Marketing: HubSpot Marketing allows Single Builders to see their Marketing Performance, New Contacts, Customers, Top Blog Posts, and so on.
  • Sales: We implemented a full sales automation strategy. Where we created all their follow ups, Ads, Sales tasks and it was all done automatically. This allows them to keep track of all their sales over the last 12 months, productivity, deals closed versus the goal, team activity, as well as keeping track of how many emails have been sent, tasks completed, and calls made. A great way to keep on top of productivity.
  • eBook: We created an eBook for Single Builders where we were able to keep track of everyone who downloaded that eBook. Single Builders were then able to follow up with those people and track how many of these follow-ups converted to sales.
  • Social Media: For social media, HubSpot allows Single Builders to keep track of all their posts. The number of shares, impressions, clicks, interactions, audience and most importantly new leads 👍.
  • Email Marketing: Single Builders had never used email marketing before, so we started doing monthly newsletters. The click-through rates are extremely high, people are reading them – one example had 81% open, 86% click-through 😮.
  • Ad Strategy: Allows Single Builders to keep track of impressions, clicks, contacts, and the number of deals based on the advertisements. This gives full ROI over the funnel.
  • Landing Pages: We created a number of landing pages for Single Builders. So, if the advert they clicked on was a family-based advert, it was linked to a family-based landing page. First home buyer linked to a first home buyer landing page. And so on. This dramatically increased conversion. 🚀
  • Videos: We created several videos for Single Builders, we’re embedding these in emails, Landing Pages and using them on social media. Video is King and the ROI on the video series we put together was 10X. 🎉

The Result

Single Builders now has a full-blown marketing and sales automation system powered by HubSpot. Most importantly, they now have a successful way to track their business growth.

Implementing HubSpot was the key to what we did to help Single Builders become even more successful. It gives us, and Single Builders the ability to track all the metrics to see where they are at and to see the value in the systems we have implemented.

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