Tips For Better Product Photos

We all know how product photos can help businesses to promote their products. Unique and powerful images can convert visitors into customers successfully. In fact, pictures are capable of creating a strong and convincing impression about products. Although product photography is practical as a DIY task, it should be backed with some essential tips. This article is written focusing on such important tips for product photos.

Lighting is Important  

You cannot think of photography in the absence of light. Therefore, if you expect better photographs that emphasise the features of your products, you should arrange good lighting. Beginner level photographers should start it with natural light. Place the product on a table next to a north-facing window and start capturing with different angles. However, if you wish to use additional sources of lighting, you can go for flashes and other constant lighting options. You must be wise enough to avoid unattractive shadows.

Try a Range of Angles  

If you run an eCommerce platform, your customers don’t have a chance to touch and feel your products. Instead, they will get the whole idea though how the product is displayed. If the images are captured from a single angle, customers may not be able to picture the product perfectly. As a solution for this, you must capture the products using different angles and let customers have full awareness about the features. In addition to that, don’t forget to include a couple of close-ups in your album. Such captures may allow you to emphasise the finest features and useful details of the product. Customers will find this very useful, particularly when they shop online.    

Choose the Background Wisely  

Choosing the background for your photos should be done depending on the type of the product you capture. Some products look better with a plain background while others appear good in textured backgrounds. The ultimate intention of choosing a background should be highlighting the product. Don’t let the background distract viewers from the product. Remove all the distractions from the background providing maximum encouragement for customers to focus on the product. Nevertheless, most of the photographers prefer to use a backdrop, which is good in terms of highlighting the product.    

Stabilise the Camera With a Tripod  

Although it is not compulsory for a professional photographer to use a tripod, you will find it handy, particularly when you have to capture a large range of products consistently. In addition to stability, a tripod will help you to hold the same position (distance and height) during the process. Apart from that, such assistance will be handy when repositioning the objects.  

 Fine Tune What You Captured  

Regardless of the photography skills you possess, you may have to do some fine tuning with the photos you’ve taken. Cropping, exposure correcting and subtle retouching will enhance the quality of your photos. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it. There shouldn’t be any difference between the photos and the respective physical objects. You need to maintain the originality of the picture as much as possible.