What to look out for with Video Marketing

Whether you’ve thought about it before or not, video Marketing has two key elements: audio and visual. Humans are attracted to so much because of visuals, It’s in our nature to lean towards something visually appealing. However, the impact that audio can have on that attraction is outstanding.

We communicate verbally. Therefore our understanding of something tends to come from audio rather than from visual. It’s arguable that we could learn about something more easily from a piece of media that is entirely audio based as opposed to a completely visual piece of media.

In your video, you almost want your audience to not even notice the sound. You want it to be that good that they don’t even pay attention. And any recognition you want to hear is of how the sound quality improved the overall appeal of the video.

There are so many factors affecting sound quality for video that you need to be aware of and always considering:

How to win in Video Marketing

Microphone Quality:

You need to make sure that your microphone is of good quality and not compromising the quality of your sound and voices on your videos.

Microphone Position:

How you position your camera can influence the impact of the surroundings. How well someone can be heard and how clear their voice can be heard. You need to place your microphone close enough and far away from the sound source to get a clear sound.

Background Noise/ Interruptions:

Background noise can be a killer for your audio. Imagine you’re filming your video, some kind of video ad maybe, and you’ve got someone talking to the camera, giving information to the intended audience and it seems to go really well. You’re in a park, beautiful location, loving the surrounding area.

You film, the sound seems good. The weather was good. You pack up and go home. You look at your footage once you are home and you realise in the background, birds are squawking, kids are screaming, parents are chatting and dogs are barking. You can hardly even hear yourself over the surrounding chaos that has taken over the surrounding audio.

You need to consider your background noise when you film. Are you in a location where background noise could be a problem? A construction site maybe. If you are, you either need to think of a solution to the background noise. You need to diminish it somehow to prevent it affecting the integrity of the video. Or you need to choose a better location to avoid background noise issues.


Having someone mumbling in your video isn’t going to help anyone. You need people speaking clearly in your videos to make sure they are easy to understand and the audio is clear for the audience.


Weather can have a dramatic impact on sound quality. Wind especially can wreak havoc for audio. You need to consider the weather when you film. Try and get ideal situations for not only your sound but of course the visual as well.


The room or area in which you are filming can also impact the audio quality of your video. While a location may seem effective visually, it can damage the audio quality dramatically.

For example, a basement or car park may seem like a cool location for your video. But the cement walls and sharpness they produce causes havoc when it comes to audio. You need a location that encourages a softer or warmer atmosphere for sound quality.

Focusing on your audio in your videos and getting the audio quality to a high standard will dramatically improve the success of your videos. For whatever purpose you are creating them. Here at DigiKat, our video and audio quality are of an excellent standard. We can help with any of your videography needs. Head to our videography page and have a look at services we can provide.