Videography for Real Estate

Videography for real estate is crucial in today’s competitive market. Video is described as one of the most successful tools for any business to generate leads and sales and to get ahead of the competition. The real estate industry is no exception to this rule. In fact, if you use video in real estate, you can expect up to 400% more inquiries than listings that did not use video.

Lead Generation

All sorts of online businesses are now using video to generate leads and, eventually, sales. The general rule now is that video is the true generator of sales and leads in today’s society. Video engages an audience like no other media is able to. Using video for real estate shows the target audience that you are an expert and understand current trends in sales.

The use of videography– especially professional level videography– can be the determining factor as to whether or not your real estate company listings (or your own private listing) will be successful and convert your hard work and invested money into actual leads and eventually sales.

If you aren’t employing video as part of your sales techniques for real estate, you will be left behind by the industry. Videography for real estate has so many facets that can really enhance your listing’s saleability.

New Edge in the Real Estate Industry

From 360 video interior tours to drone use to show the full exterior of a home. As well as the property around it. And all the in between like community insights and a personal connection of the real estate agent and the corresponding house listing.

This can really help potential buyers understand the property, what it has to offer- both inside and out. And it helps them understand the community they will be potentially living in and the real estate agent’s connection to the house and the dedication they would have to potential buyers.

You need to sell both the house listed and also, and nearly as importantly, yourself as the agent or owner of the property. You need to make people want to buy from you. A simple photograph and a quick written statement will not be enough to sell this idea to your potential customers. Be personal. How did you get into real estate? How are you as a person and as an agent?

Social Media

You can combine your videos with social media publicity and generate even more leads.  Video does this well and because real estate is so online these days. Presenting these videos on social media is bound to create results.

YouTube and Facebook are two very effective social media platforms that can generate sales leads. Both allow you to target your ads specifically. So the right audience for actual purchase can see the videos and generate success for your real estate listings.

You also need to be sure to employ a professional videographer to ensure you are using the best possible technology and editing software available. While video is important to stay ahead of the competition. A badly edited or created video will make you appear inexperienced. This may generate a negative result for your target audience. Like so many aspects of generating leads and converting to sales, a professional is the right choice.

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