Why We Don’t let our Technology Limit Us

Often times you will see businesses showcase their brand-new equipment. It’s big, it’s shiny and it gets your attention. Very impressive. But does the biggest and best stuff actually result in the highest quality of content? And does not have access to that new equipment mean you are limited? The answer to both of these questions is (of course) no. Here at DigiKat, we don’t let our technology limit us or challenge us, we challenge our technology to go above and beyond.

Characteristics you would want from a business working for you would surely include:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness

Do you really want someone working for you to just be that company constantly buying new things? To be honest, they’re probably spending half their time working for you figuring out how to use this new fancy equipment they have just bought.

Our Experience with Taking Technology to New Heights

Our videography team was recently challenged to create an animation for a music video for Sally-Anne Whitten’s new song ‘Watch It Burn’ and it really got them thinking of how to deliver what they were asked for. Can you believe that they created a motion capture studio with cameras from game consoles?

They really did! The adaptability of our videography team really is something else entirely. They have proven they can really do nearly any job they are challenged to, with items they had at home.

This innovative thinking at DigiKat is what allows us to create amazing visuals for people like Sally-Anne. Sally-Anne came to us to create an engaging music video. We incorporated a dancing aspect with Lily Singh, from Tamworth City Dance Academy, dancing for her music video, so creating a space to film that dynamically was really important. And we managed just that for her, without needing to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Using something that has one real specific purpose and completely reshaping it and taking it apart to be something else entirely is a skill that buying the latest technology can sometimes stifle, making even the smartest of individuals lose their creativity as they have minimal challenges to overcome by actually having a think about their challenge. You don’t want to be a company that creates something for other businesses and not have a creative edge.

Taking technology beyond what we could before

That seems to be the attitude these days really though, people think that because someone else has the latest technology, that instantly they can do more things than someone with older technology, or even those that don’t have a piece of technology designed for the task they are undertaking.

This could not be more wrong, nor more creativity limiting. Technology is incredible, testing the limits of one piece can really show you how creative you can get with the technology right in front of you. It’s innovative, successful and (most excitingly) very cost effective.

Working in the industries we work in like digital marketing and videography especially, it is about how you use the technology you have access to already. Not what you can buy next to be competitive. You are competitive as long as you are creative. And use your mind to really think about how you can push the boundaries and keep yourself relevant. This is why we don’t let our technology limit us with our projects and when we work with clients.

Our work with Sally- Anne Whitten really highlights the dynamic thinking of DigiKat, especially when it comes to our videography. It’s important to look at technology for more than what it is just advertised as doing. You need to think outside of the box and use what is around you to really dig deep and create something wonderful for your clients. We don’t let technology limit us and neither should you.